Since PTC is a profit sharing platform. So the PTC funds are managed in such a way that many will invest and few will get the profit. So we never suggest anybody to invest in this fund whimsically. We made a strategy to earn free money. At starting Join NeoBUX as free member and follow the Strategy mentioned below:

Step 1. Register and create an account.

Step 2. Click all of your ads everyday and every once in a while there will be extra ads for you to click, so check in often.

Step 3. Earn $0.01 - $0.02 through clicking your ads every day.

 Step 4: Make a PTC campaign platform through Blog,Web Page, Social Networking & Send the referral link to your friend circle or follower inviting to join on your down stream. Thus collect your direct referral.Earning from Direct referral is the legit earning though it would take a lot of time.
Thus multiply your account balances.If Main account balance is sufficient, upgrade your membership.

Rented referral is the another Procedure to multiply the earning. But it is most tricky methods:

Rented referral means you rent some referral who clicks for you. Mostly the rented referrals pay you less if you miss to recycle the bad clicker timely. The pattern of Rented referral clicks are ambiguous. Special care is required to make profit from your investment otherwise it will suck your investment.However it is a method to multiply your earning.

Step 1. Transfer the money from your main balance to your rental balance.

Step 2. Rent 3 referrals.

Step 3. Turn on Auto Pay on your Rented Referrals page.

Step 4. Maintain your referrals and recycle the ones that have an average below 2 or haven't clicked in 2-3 days.

Step 5. Buy more referrals when you can (This is every 7 days as a standard member).

Step 6. Do NOT cash out any of the money that you gain in your main balance as this is used for buying more referrals and maintaining them.

Step 7. Once you reach 300 referrals, stop renting anymore referrals and just maintain the ones that you have. That means recycle the bad clickers and keep an average of 1.1 at least.

Step 8. Build up your money to about $100 and then upgrade to Golden.

Step 9. Once you get Golden membership, keep renting more referrals and maintaining them. Once you hit 1250 referrals, you can stop renting referrals and just maintain them and start to cash out your money.

As a Standard member, you have to keep an average of 2 in order to make a profit.

As a Golden member, you have to keep an average of 1 in order to make a profit.

You have invested nothing and finally you will earn free money in your account, but it takes some time. Just wait and follow the given steps. But Be careful about the activation of your account. Do not forget to log in your account regularly. We never encourage anybody to invest money whimsically on any rented referral or member up gradation scheme until one has sufficient direct referrals.The Clicking pattern of these rented referrals are controlled by software program depending on the earning and payout ratio of the PTC network fund. Thus whatever you will get from rented referral earning sometimes might be less than what you pay. Join to Neobux as free member as we are. Patience is the key of success. Best of Luck.
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