PaidVerts Review: This is not Good PTC for irregularity.


PaidVerts: First of all paidverts is a subsidiary of my traffic value which was an online lottery platform. it is a non regulated PTC websites. Though this websites manage to get advertisements from various web platform. On joining in PaidVerts, one can get 8 activation ad. By clicking on these activation ads Paidverts account will be activated for seven day.For the first seven days Regular log in to the account each day you can get activation ads and by consuming these activation BAP you can increase your BAP through through different activities within Paidverts. After seven days for each day log in, account will be activated for maximum 21 day. From seventh day to 30 days membership, each day Start with 8 free reward Ad points plus 8 free ad. By clicking these free ads earn 8x12=96 Bonus ad point. So the initial BAP will be 96+8=104 While the minimum BAP balance more than 100.You are eligible to get paid ad. Again from 30th days to 50th days membership you will get 25 BAP extra. After 50th days to 100 days membership you will get 32 BAP extra. Thus accumulated BAP will increased as well as the maturity of the membership. Everyday days Paidverts provides you 8 free ads daily to maintain your BAP score and those BAP will be deducted from your account each time you receive a paid ad into your account. On maturity of your membership you will get more and more daily reward point which can upgrade your membership that means you will get more ad and more money. On contrary Paidverts runs on reward and penalty methods. Paidverts deduct 100 BAP daily from the BAP Balance and 0.001$ from cash balance as the account maintenance charges till the end of the last balance. Active members can get daily ads earning and inactive members have to loose their balance on daily basis. Its program model is completely different from all PTC websites. Having good BAP, you would receive more high paying advertisements to your account. Each Bonus Ad Point equals to $0.0005. As a free member the earning is very slow. After accumulating BAP point for a long duration, if you become inactive from Paidverts, you will loose all your balance within a short duration. so it is not a good PTC for free money earner.

       Apart from free ad click, if you invest 1$ for advertising your links at Adverts you can get 2400 BAP that equals to $1.20 worth paid ads. So you receive $1.20 PTC ads to your account for every one buck you invest. The return on investment time is not predefined. It may take even four years to give 20% profit.Meanwhile the BAP Swapping may occur as earlier by which many member loose their balances which was converted to share. The members could not get the proportion of their fund. Above all you have to pay for account freezing charges for inactivity otherwise you will loose 100 BAP daily. So Paidvert earning is really tough to maintain regularity.It is better to join the Legit PTC Network which has flexibility for the irregular member.

Caution about PTC: Most of the PTC are operating on Paid Games. These Games are programmed in such a way that overall sites owner will be benefited.You will be either Gainer or looser that is depend upon your justification. 

Earning from PTC-GPT websites are not sufficient for full time online career. The Legit sites pay some money but it is very small compared to efforts. On the other side Legit sites also may be scam anytime after successful running for a long time. It is better to engage in Legit online job instead of PTC earning. For Any Assistance Contact to MDWIX Bloggers at



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