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 Welcome to my BLOG: Today I discuss about the topic 'THE MOST TRUSTED GPT (Get Pay To Click) SITE GLOBALLY'. While people search for "Make Money Online" or "Legitimate work"or "Earn Money Online" the First Option appears PTC-GPT. Among thousand of PTC-GPT network, only few site maintains their commitment. ClixSense is one of the trusted GPT site.So I suggest you to be a Clixsence member.You canSIGN UP HERE to get a secure payment while you are working on this Ad network.
 Now I discuss about "How to Start &What types Job offered" by ClixSense. First you need to Sign up Here. After sign up you will find a Validation Link in your Email address.Once you click on the validation link you will prompt to log in to your account. As you log in to your account you will asked to provide your details of address, Contact number etc. The most  important is the payment method. I suggest to have an payment account with Skrill, Later I will discuss about this subject.While you are member of clixsense you will be registered with a ClixsenseResearch account.
So you have already completed your registration.  
How you can make money with clixsense?  
There are Five basic ways to earn from clixsense. 

A) Survey Completion: Click on SURVEY Tab.Complete the survey and get reasonable income @ 3-4 survey/day & earn upto 10$. 
B) Complete task : Different types of easy task e,g like,comment,review you will find on task tab. click on this task will be credited. 
C) Earn with Clixsense play Games.Click on play option in "ClixGrid Games" link you will be redirected to a Image Grid. When you click any where on the image you will find an Ad. after viewing that ad for 10 second you will be wait for result. If you are selected you will get the Prize amount.
D) Earn from ClixsenseResearch,com. It is basically complete different Survey jobs under which is subsidiary site owned by 
E) Earn from reffreal. Refer your affiliate link to your friend and get commission on joining. Every New comer should start with senior member so that he can get quick help. So friend Start with me.

For Any Assistance Contact to MDWIX Bloggers at

Best Suggestion I can give you to get maximum income from Clixsense.

i) Regularly Log in & complete task,survey for 10 to 15 minutes.ii) Refer more people through your affiliate Link.
iii) Get Premium members to increase your earning through referral.
Thanks for your attention

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